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I provide services to clients on all aspects of Employment Law including Employment tribunals (unfair/wrongful dismissal) and as well as issues which may or do result in Civil Litigation whether arising out of employment law disputes or otherwise eg disputed debts. I regularly deal with e.g .County Court disputes and High Court injunction applications and have acted for clients at , and or presided ,over , more than 500 Employment Tribunal ( ET ) cases.

I do not undertake conditional fees but am content to give an initial opinion without charge. After that and subject to any conflict my fixed hourly charge is 195 per hour (and I would argue I work efficiently and effectively given my experience and having qualified as a practising solicitor in 1985 ) or a fixed fee by agreement. A typical and straightforward ET claim might cost some 5,000 in total fees.

I am happy to be part of a competitive tender and or give a quote on fees and once instructed will always respond to any query and or email within 24 hours . 365 days a year. If my advice is delayed I will not make any charge for it.

If asked to assist a client with an Employment Settlement Agreement I will do so within any fee contribution provided by the employer / former employer seeking the settlement agreement. Unless otherwise agreed in advance.

If I am asked to assist on a particular matter where I am not an expert I will inform you of this in advance but will always try and introduce my clients ( if they wish and without charge ) to someone who is .

With any litigation including an unfair dismissal claim I would normally spilt any fee into stages and would wish to agree this with a client in advance . If a fixed fee is not agreed I will send an account at the end of a particular project or by way of an interim monthly bill if sooner other than where agreed with my client.

I do not hold a client account and do not seek any fees in advance of undertaking any work but before doing so (i.e. starting work ) will usually wish to agree the/any fee structure.

My fees include VAT ( so individual clients save 20% by instructing me rather than most other solicitors who will charge VAT ) and I do not charge any disbursements other than expenses agreed with my clients and or the disbursements incurred exclusively for my client over 50. Such as a large amount of photocopying. When disbursements are charged this is at cost.

As I am a sole practitioner I carry out all the work needed myself other than by agreement with you . My experience is set out in my Cv [ link to cv] . I do have full Solicitors Professional indemnity insurance ( effected through Lockton Companies LLP the details of which are available upon request ) covering me and therefore my clients up to 2 million . Giving my clients peace of mind .

However I have an HR expert who is able to assist me on eg company handbooks , payroll and other HR issues . She has worked effectively with me for over 25 years. I also have access to Barristers who I respect and who I might sometimes recommend to clients where they might be assisted by the use of Counsel . E.g. where they are available at less costs than me for the advocacy at an ET hearing.

As I am an Employment Judge I am not permitted to carry out any work relating to a case which is or may be heard in the Central London Employment Tribunal where I sit as a fee paid judge.

Tim Russell
Tel 07767 646 656

Case of the Month
Detriment or automatic unfair dismissal
In the EAT case of Pazur the EAT confirmed that in order to succeed in a claim for detriment or automatic unfair dismissal an employee needs to explicitly refuse to comply with a requirement imposed in contravention of the Working Time Regulations. In this instance a kitchen porter was denied his rights to a rest break (under Reg 10 WTR) and threatened with dismissal unless he fell into line. But in order to make a successful claim he had to refuse to accept this requirement rather than simply eg not turn up to work.
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